WSOP $1 Million Buy-in Poker Event

"Special WSOP event $12.3 million"

Special WSOP event has a first prize of at least $12.3 million!

It may be the biggest prize ever offered at any poker event. The World Series of Poker has announced a new high roller event that has a $1 million buy-in. Right now there are 30 players confirmed for the huge game, including the likes of Johnny Chan, Tom Dwan, Erik Seidel and Daniel Negreanu. Along with those topnotch pros, there are various high stakes players who are looking forward to participating, including various billionaires such as Cirque du Soleil founder and tournament organizer Guy Laliberte and casino owner Phil Ruffin.

The Poker Prize

At this point this high stakes event is offering a top prize of just over $12 million but it could reach more than $18 million as there may be up to 48 players putting up one million each. But will this be the largest prize ever? Because the first prize looks to be at least $12.3 million, the answer is “Yes.”

It will just beat out the 2006 WSOP Main Event prize of $12 million that was won by American Jamie Gold. That was a $10,000 buy-in and there were considerably more people in the field—8,700 playing No Limit Holdem.  The next biggest prize offered was the 2010 WSOP Main Event, which saw Canadian Jonathan Duhamel win just over $9.7 million.

One Drop Benefits

Although there is a huge prize pool, the event has also been created in order to help raise cash for a specific charity. Some of the buy-in cash will go towards helping One Drop, which is a charitable/environmental cause focusing on solving the clean water crises and ensuring that everyone has access to this essential liquid.

"WSOP $1 million event one drop"

The WSOP $1 million buy-in event will benefit One Drop

The event’s name, which is “Big One for One Drop,” reflects this connection. Laliberte created the charity. As noted, he is the Cirque du Soleil creator and founder of this new event. He has arranged to have $111,111 from each $1 million entry go towards the charity.  With the present number of entries One Drop will receive $3.3 million in donations.

The Take by Poker Pro Negreanu

It will be interesting to see how many players do play and what sort of atmosphere ensues with so much at stake. This could help to reinvigorate the Americas versus European rivalry. One thing poker pro Negreanu believes is that it will not overshadow the WSOP Main Event.

"Daniel Negreanu in WSOP $12 million event"

Daniel Negreanu will play in the WSOP special event

He observed, “I don’t think this is something that’s everlasting and they’re going to do every year. It’s just a very different, unique event. It’s nothing like the Main Event.” Negreanu also added, “It’s obviously a historic event. Basically I’m mostly doing it to support Guy Laliberte and the charity and also the fact that I think it’s going to be good (poker) value. You’re going to have a bunch of guys who are just rich and aren’t really professionals.”

ESPN Coverage

This unique poker event will be covered by ESPN. The sports station will offer live coverage of the final table. When the winner is declared they will get the cash and a platinum bracelet that has been specially designed for the event. Of course to enter one must be a major player in some way, either at the poker table, in the world of commerce or in some other manner. The “Big One for One Drop” event is scheduled for July 1-3 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and will be event No. 55 at the WSOP, which features a total of 61-events.

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