So Where does the World Stand on Online Gambling as 2011 Draws to a Close?

Global Poker LawsIf there was ever a common topic that was covered in many parts of the world then it surely would have to be online gambling. Perhaps this could be that each country has its own fair share of gamblers. It is also one of the more controversial topic as well. In most cases those that are pro online gambling aside from the avid online players, is the governing bodies that realize it as a very viable source of income for their regions. Then in respect to the anti online gambling groups it would have to be the various religious communities.

South Africa showing some keen interest in online gaming…

The powers in government here are seeing the online gaming venues as a possible cash generating revenue by way of taxes. The old laws that were strictly geared toward prohibition of online gambling have softened in respect to being tolerated albeit with regulation being constructed.  The thought behind the gaming commissions actions in this area is based on the outcome of the online gambling ban that was put in place by theUSAandAustralia, and the evidence from this clearly shows that a ban is not the solution, but regulatory licensing would be more viable. It seems that the format that will be followed for setting the regulations will be those similar to whatItalynow adheres to.

What changes may be in store for German online gamblers….

Although there is currently a ban in place regarding online gambling inGermanyand it was recently upheld by their Federal laws, that doesn’t mean that there may not be some changes coming in the future. The state treaty is soon to expire and what replaces it will be the foundation for the country’s take on the gambling venues offered online for the residents of  Germany. There are many States within the country that favor allowing this gambling activity with the incorporation of heavy taxing, but restricting the activity to sports betting only. This doesn’t do much for the poker enthusiasts but at least it’s a small move that could be made to loosening up the reins of freedom of choice of who wants to gamble where and when.

Will the USA gambling woes change…..

Perhaps Fair Play USA received a much needed boost in confidence when they added a former FBI director to their ranks. It is common knowledge that the Fair Play Organization has worked hard at lobbying Congress to reconsider the current laws regarding online gambling. How much of an impact this has had is anyone’s guess, but its not likely that there are announcements to the contrary of the current law will be tabled in the near future. So for now US players will have to be content with some creative online searching to find gambling venues that will welcome them in to their membership.

Fortunately there are some open doors, however the choices are still limited to the US players, and the biggest struggle they find is being able to find gambling sites that can offer them the caliber of playing opportunities that they were used to in the past. Serious poker players like a challenge and this is what they look for when choosing a place for their favorite activity.

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