Poker and Dealing with a Bad Run

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How many bad flops and beats are out there?

If you do anything long enough, you’re going to find that no matter how good you are you will eventually have a bad run. This may be due to something you’re doing or it may have to do with chance occurrences. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the things you can do when you have a bad run at the poker table.

Types of Bad Runs

There are two types of bad runs—those that occur in the course of one game and those that happen over the course of numerous games and sometimes many days. Both can be extremely frustrating as it seems that the poker gods, fate and every poker player on Earth is conspiring against you.

You play your hands according to the book, you’re repeatedly beaten on the river and when you have a great hand everyone folds. Then you start to get hole cards that are 9, 2 and 8, 2 or worse. Is there anything worse? There are hands that you dropped out of, such as when you were holding a 9, 2, that turned into winning full houses. In other words, you can do nothing right.

Sit Out a Hand or Two or Three

Although people will often say that sitting out a few hands won’t change a thing because cards are dealt randomly, the fact is that taking a short break allows you to simply study the table objectively without anything at stake. You can clear your head, recharge your battery and get a new perspective.

Play Only High Hole Cards

Play nothing but high pairs and A, K. You can also play two unmatched high cards. That’s it. Stay away from hunches, bluffing or trying to be intimidating.

"poker strategy"

Aces may help?

Simplify and play an extremely disciplined game. If anything, the consistency of your play will allow you to better analyze exactly what’s happening in terms of your bad run and it may help you break your losing streak.

Keep Your Sense of Humor

This is not easy to do. But you do need to keep your perspective and realize that no matter how seriously you take it that poker is, after all, a game. You probably have a lot of great things going in your life. Review them and let them give you a lift.

Also, sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Here you are playing good poker and losing consistently. It helps to share your amazement at your bad luck with a fellow poker player. Call or email a friend and tell them what’s going on; swap stories. It does help when someone else has had the same misery in their life and if you know someone else who plays poker regularly then they have definitely had bad runs.

Take Out Your Frustration in a Positive Way

Hopefully you have something that you can do that will help you relieve the stress and frustration. Do you enjoy playing a musical instrument, working out or cooking? Make it a positive activity that will get things out and make you feel great.

Go to Bed and Come Back Later

Fold them and walk away. Walk away for a few days or maybe even a week or more. You’ll be amazed at your new perspective when you do come back to the poker table. "poker flop" Basically what you’re doing when you take an extended break is you’re taking some time to simply let everything go. Yes, even poker players need a vacation and the best time to take one is when you’re losing consistently.

Why Are You Playing Poker?

Bad runs can really get you thinking and one question you should consider is why you are playing poker. Hopefully, you’re playing because you love the game, you enjoy learning and you thrive on the competition. If that’s true, then know that at some point when you come back to the table you’re going to have fun and win again. Keep working on your game, be able to let things go and remember that this bad run will, as does everything else, pass.

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