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Aced Poker
Aced Poker
150% bonus up to $750
Rating: 7 / 10
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Site Name: Aced Poker
Network: Network
Founded: 2008
Bonus: 150% up to $750
Bonus Code:
US Players Accepted: Yes




  • Difficult to redeem bonus, Table layout is cramped, limited action on limit tables


  • Easy to Play Multiple Tables, Lots of Fish, "Outs" let you earn VIP Points

Aced Poker Review – Is Aced Poker Really Safe To Play At?


New entities entering the world of online poker have to be innovative if they want to stay on par with the online gaming competition. Aced Poker has managed to come up with a few unique ideas that are allowing them to get their piece of the online gaming wealth.


The Pros Of Aced Poker:

Although pretty much of what this site has to offer is considered standard there are some features added to make it unique that is raising it above some of the other sites within the same age group. One of the best features is the ease in which you can play at numerous tables at once and see what is going on with the way you can resize the windows. For those experienced poker players that are looking for an easy win then you won’t have too much difficulty finding it here. There are plenty of fish about, however don’t become too over confident. There are many seasonedUSplayers joining that will give you a run for your money. Features such as the “Outs” that let you earn valuable VIP points is something that should be considered as well. All of these little extra opportunities is what is pushing this site up the popularity chart.


The Cons of Aced Poker:

The redemption of the bonus by having to collect substantial points is not all that impressive as it comes with a time limit to achieve this. Then as functional as the software is the actual table layout is not that impressive, it gives a feeling of being cramped and cluttered. These are all minor flaws but the most significant drawback has to be the lack of action when it comes to the limit tables, and also for many the low entry numbers for the tournaments. Lots of poker players prefer the challenge of higher entry tournaments.



This site became live to online poker players during the latter part of 2008, and is yet another sector of the Merge network. They still have a ways to go to prove their worth, but with the acceptance of US players, and with continued innovation they should be able to hold their ground.


SOFTWARE: Score 6/10

Although the basic platform is the same at Aced Poker as it is for all those within the Merged Network, the responsibility is still upon the operators to make sure it is fully functional and able to provide the optimum performance for its in surge of new players. This has certainly been the case and with their ability to incorporate some unique perks to create the gamblers atmosphere it is probably what makes this site a little more inviting than others. Navigation can be a little confusing here as it is somewhat complicated. The graphics are clear and the layout full but uncluttered. As soon as you land on the home page all the important information that poker players look for clearly stands out. There are several mini activities that you can utilize if you enjoy customizing the look of your playing screen. When it comes down to just wanting to play serious poker though then in respect to the platform and software here it shouldn’t disappoint you. The download is super easy and hassle free as is the registration requirement. When it comes to speed it would sit at about the medium average compared to some other sites.



One of the things that any new player to a poker site should do is check out the terms or the rules or regulations. You may find this a little confusing here at Aced Poker as its not easy to see where they have these located. They have the affiliate terms available but not the site terms. However, if you go to the support section of the site you will find a series of links that will give you some specific information and answers to a lot of questions you may have. Eventually going through these links you will find your way to the terms and conditions.



For the most part you are going to find your share of fish attending here. Mostly because it is a new site compared to others. The competition is beginning to stiffen up though as more seasoned US players are beginning to join in the action here. Overall the traffic is still low compared to many sites. You can expect an average of about 3,000 players online at any given time. One thing though is that it seems the favored games here are the no limit tables, this cuts down the choice of action for the other games.



In Aced Poker’s Banking section they indicate that they accept players from all around the world. In the terms and conditions section which you will find the link to via the support area, it states that it will not accept players fromAustraliaorSingapore.



There is a pretty extensive list of deposit options that suit theUSplayers as well as others. With the constant changing of rules amongst the financial institutions it is worth making sure that there are a few options that you can take advantage of here in case one doesn’t work for you.

Aced Poker currently offers deposit by way of…

creditcards,Neteller,Click2Pay,1Pay,Moneybookers,Ecocard,Instadebit,Clickandbuy,Entropay,Pay Safe Card, Web Money

The minimum amount for deposit is $10.

If you run into difficulty making a deposit then advise support of this and they may have some solutions.

Withdrawals are pretty well the standard format where you will go to the withdrawal section and make your request. You may be asked for proof of identification and this will be at the discretion of the operators.  The minimum amount for withdrawal is $25.



Being part of the Merge network secures the integrity of the site as this network has slowly been building its credibility and has excellent security measures in place. You will quickly be able to see the certificate logos on the home page of the site.

There is good contact information available with the choice of email or live support. The live support is far more knowledgeable in many areas compared to other sites that tend to tell you to just submit a ticket.



There are a variety of bonuses that you can take advantage of but usually to most newcomers the one they are most interested in is the signup bonus. Here you will receive a 150% match of your deposit up to $750. Its not the best offer on the net but its comparable. It is important though that you fully understand the rules that are applicable to the bonus. You also need to use the supplied code to receive your bonus. You have to earn a series of 75 VIP points for every $1. of the bonus money which is released in $5. increments. There is also a good reload bonus of 100% to a max of $200. For this you need to earn 435 VIP points per $5.

There are some other unique bonuses as well that makes this site a little more interesting to play at than perhaps some of the other sites. For example, the Royal Flush Bonus. If you happen to hit a Royal Flush with your pocket cards during a Texas Holdem ring game you are up for a 100x of the big blind bonus.

There is a good variation of promotions here that everyone can take advantage of no mater what level of stakes they are playing at. There are some excellent Freerolls and one of these includes the free $500 one that is available as a part of the sign up bonus. Then during the month there are various opportunities to play in the freerolls that total a monthly payout of about $100,00. Another favorite here at Aced Poker is the MTT Leaderboard tournaments in the multi table venue. You work for points here to try and gain a chance to qualify for the top 100 tournament.


GAME OPTIONS: Score 7/10

You most likely won’t be disappointed with the choice of games that you have here as they consist of the standard Holdem andOmahaand their variations. Then added to this is the Razz and Stud as well as some others. Most favored is the No limit games and the tournaments are at the top of the favored list. If boredom sets in then you can switch over to some of the side games such as Backgammon or Roulette, just as an example. For video poker buffs you will be pleased to have a few to keep you busy here as well.



You have a good range of betting options for you here both in limit and no limit. Limit will range from 2 cents to 4 cents up to fifty to a one hundred. No limit will range from ten cents to twenty five cents up to fifty to one hundred.

A 35% rake back is one of the biggest enticements to play at this site. The tables are often found to be loose and pots are commonly known to climb above the norm.


FEATURES: Score 7/10

Aced Poker has all of the features that you would expect from this network. It is comprised of the Deal it Twice, Rabbit Hunt, Expose One Card and the Caribbean Stud jackpot which is a progressive jackpot. Then there are some little additions that allow the player to add a unique touch to their playing experience, such as the selection of accolades. A unique feature is the press for time option. Here if you are under a bit stress to make a playing decision you can rely on banked accumulated time that you gained from previous hands where you made quick decisions. This is a really neat feature.

As there are lots of freerolls there are also lots of tourneys as well. Being as participation is fairly low they are played through fairly fast. There are rebuy nightly tournaments with the big non re-buy for $50,000 on Sundays.


THE BOTTOM LINE: Score 6.5/10

This is a site worth playing at provided you have set reasonable expectations for your poker playing experience. If you like variation and enjoy the small challenges then this is a good site for you. If you are looking for some quick wins as a skilled player then you will find it here. It may be well worth becoming a member here and grow along with the site which it has every chance of doing if it proceeds in the direction it is headed on now.


Answer to the question…Is Ace Poker Really Safe To Play At?

The answer would have to be yes. When you consider the high caliber of security they have in place and being part of the Merge network then from a security point of view it is safe. Plus the fact that they have good support in place makes it more secure in knowing that if you have issues then you can actually talk to someone that is going to assist you.