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Bovada Poker
Bovada Poker
100% bonus up to $1000
Rating: 7 / 10
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Site Name: Bovada Poker
Network: Network
Founded: 2009
Bonus: 100% up to $1000
Bonus Code:
US Players Accepted: Yes


  • New Tournament Formats
  • Rabbit Cam
  • Anonymous Tables
  • Play up to 20 tournaments at a time



  • Table Layout
  • Basic level graphics
  • Sub Par Software


  • Accepts US Players
  • Huge Bonuses now because of the name change
  • Stability
Bodog has made their mark in the poker world by seeing several of the members progress to international tournaments. Now they are about to make their mark again by introducing their most exciting new site Although this means the doors are shutting for US players at the Bodog sites there is certainly a new horizon waiting for them where they will be most welcomed at the Bovada site.
Bodog Poker has earned its impeccable reputation from its association with the Bodog online gaming venues. It took its place in the poker scene in 2004 and has since become a favorite of many of the USA poker players.
SOFTWARE: Score 5.5/10
Bodog certainly would not be classed as the top class site for visual presentation. To some this is disappointing as the visuals and graphics add to the excitement and atmosphere of the game. When it comes down to basics though and ease of use and reliability, then this poker platform is right up there with the best of them. It is easy to download and performs well with no lag for the most part.
You will find all the terms for rules and regulations easy to understand in general. Then if you are looking for specific rules, on the left hand side in the terms section you will find all of the links for these.
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Bodog has made it their business to expand into the gaming industry throughout various countries and made it a point to warmly welcome the US players. Now in their latest business venture they have changed the name of the Bodog venue for the US players to Bovada. Being as they have been aggressive in seeking out new members on a continuous basis it has raised the skill levels of the various players.
It is still getting its feet wet though in the poker venue, and as a result there are plenty of fish to be found frequenting the site. The same is likely to continue under the new site Bovada, although one can expect this to change rapidly and begin to enjoy more challenges as new but experienced players discover this new playing site opportunity.
Under the new name and site being Bovada, US players remain as being welcomed to this poker venue. As time progresses there is always the possibility that restrictions to other countries may be added.

Nothing has changed except for maybe the better at Bovada aka as Bodog as all the familiar and easy to use deposit and withdrawal methods are there for the players including the US members. My Pay LinQ is an option for instant deposit and withdrawals to your bank account.

***Because of the relaunch from Bodog to Bovada, there are HUGE bonus options available. Check out the latest Promo!


Bodog has established their credibility over many years of serving the online poker player and this makes one automatically assume that they can be a trusted and reputable site to enjoy online poker at. This sports group has a great deal at stake with offering other types of gaming venues and cannot afford to have their reputation marred by inferior security performance. Customer service is usually pretty good at responding and they do provide a phone number for those that need immediate answers.

When it comes to bonuses Bovada is not about to be beat with their 100% sign up bonus up to $1000, then an easy to handy 10% bonus for the next following 60 days. The generosity doesn’t end there either with the bad beat bonus being available and a very lucrative royal flush bonus. Then if that’s not enough you have the chance to rack up some extra money with the 6 free shots at the 100K Sundays.
***Because of the relaunch from Bodog to Bovada, there are HUGE bonus options available. Check out the latest Promo!

Huge 100% Bonus up to $1,000!

All online poker rooms offer bonuses, but the chance to earn up to $1,000 in free cash sets the BOVADA poker room apart from the pack. Get a 100% Bonus when you join BOVADA. Combine that welcome bonus to the industry’s top poker software and the best customer service and you have a pretty compelling case about which company deserves your business. Check out the BOVADA poker room.

$100,000 guaranteed Sunday tourneys

The NFL rules Sundays at the sportsbook but the $100,000 tournament in the BOVADA poker room rules the poker world. The Sunday Guaranteed Tourney has a minimum $100,000 in the pot, regardless of how many poker players show up. Learn how to buy in (or to play your way in via qualifier tournaments each day) when you visit the Sunday Tournament Page at BOVADA.

King of the Felt Contest

It’s good to be king. It’s better to be King of the Felt. BOVADA’s King of the Felt contest challenges players to win their way to the top, then defeat all challengers. The reward is a possible seat in the WSOP Main Event! Check it out King of the Felt at BOVADA today!

Win $1,000 Weekly as King of the Felt

Never felt like a king? How about King of the Felt? Play for a chance to be crowned King of the Felt at BOVADA Poker and win $1,000 in weekly heads-up prizes. Keep winning and earn your way to Las Vegas for the $10,000 WSOP’s Main Event!

BOVADA Poker Points

Poker Points is another way that BOVADA shows loyalty to players who are loyal to BOVADA. Earn points (which can be redeemed for tournament buy-ins) by playing in real-money games, ring games or tournaments. Learn about Poker Points, how to earn them, and how to redeem them by clicking here.

Royal Flush & Bad Beat Bonus

Cash games in the BOVADA Poker Room got a lot more interesting with new Bad Beat jackpots and Royal Flush bonuses! Learn more and win more at BOVADA.

Bad Beats

Prizing: Nothing takes the sting out of a bad beat quite like winning cash! And BOVADA is now awarding bad beat victims with 100 X the big blind to a maximum of $1,000! 

*Eligibility: If you have a full house with aces full of kings (A-A-A-K-K) and you lose to four of a kind or better, you’ve won! Both pocket cards must be used by the winning and losing hands. Three or more players must be dealt into the hand. Both winning and losing hands must go to showdown. Texas Holdem real money cash games only.

Royal Flush

Prizing: If you have the nuts of all nuts, it deserves a little something more than just taking down the pot. That’s why BOVADA is now awarding Royal Flush holders with 50-times the big blind to a maximum of $200!

*Eligibility: Both pocket cards must be used. Three or more players must be dealt into the hand. The hand does not have to go to showdown. Texas Holdem real money cash games only.

Remember, if you hit a bad beat or a royal flush, be sure to contact BOVADA by phone or email within 48 hours with the hand number to collect your cash.
Get the most from your online poker experience at BOVADA where your royal flushes feel great and your bad beats feel even better.

GAME OPTIONS: Score 7/10
There are no surprises to be found here when it comes to choices of games as you will find what you expect to see in the standard offerings. If you are high on limit games then you may be somewhat disappointed, but on the odd occasion you will find a hot Omaha game about to start. For the most part though, you will have to be satisfied with the middle to lower stake excitement.
Bodog has in the past stayed on par with their betting options as the other poker sites and this is sure to be carried over into Bovada as well, being as nothing has changed at this venue other than it being a new site with a new name.

FEATURES: Score 7/10
There are lots of great tournaments to take advantage of and even though player participation is at the low end of the scale the payouts are still well received. The points programs are great and there is no shortage of free rolls.

The Pros of Bodog/Bovada Poker
There is lots of good things to be said about the new Bovada considering it is a replica of Bodog with the most important for many being the acceptance of US players. For those that enjoy the thrill of beating the soft players there is plenty of opportunity for that here. The live tournament promotions are one of the favorite venues here.

The Cons of Bodog/Bovada Poker
The table layouts are a complaint of many along with the lack of the thrill of the graphics, although Bovada is sure to change that opinion with its Las Vegas look and feel. The volume of players needs to increase though if this venue is to fare well. The same as there needs to be a bigger presence of high stake games

It all comes down to if Bovada can offer the same trust and reliability that it did in the Bodog form then there is no reason why they should not rapidly move up the ranks to be one of the best places to play online poker at. No doubt that as long as they keep accepting US players they will continue enjoying the loyalty that these members present.

Answer to the question… Is It Bodog Poker or Bovada Poker – Whats The Story?
A simple answer is Bovada is truly Bodog poker with a new look which will surely be accepted as a new presence on the web with a Las Vegas look but a old reputation that belongs to the true Bodog Poker.

***Because of the relaunch from Bodog to Bovada, there are HUGE bonus options available. Check out the latest Promo!